Indiana University Bloomington

Required Information Welcome. Please have the following ready: • Information about the housing options you are interested in selecting. Please go to to review the various options. • If you are requesting a learning community that requires special approval, please be sure you have completed all necessary applications, and have been approved prior to trying to choose a space in that community. Be aware of any special requirements, fees, or rules governing roommates for that learning community. • Your IU network ID and passphrase. • Your permanent mailing address, emergency contact information, and information regarding parents or guardians whom you wish to give access to your housing assignment information. • If you're requesting a specific roommate, that person's name, University ID, and IU network ID. • If you are an unfurnished apartment resident, you will need the following information on the occupants of your apartment: name, birth date, gender, and relationship. If you've already selected a room in an earlier phase, you can still enter the system and change your assignment. This system will be active until 5pm on Friday November 1, 2019. Starting on Monday January 13, 2020, if you want to live on campus, you will need to visit the Housing Assignments or Apartment Assignments Office and complete a contract in person.